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Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • “Work is really stressing me.”
  • “I’m forever screaming at the kids in the morning.”
  • “I never seem to have enough time to get things done.”
  • “I’m getting lots of headaches these days.”
  • “Dealing with my boss is really difficult.”
  • “I’m really worked up about my interview next week.”
  • “Trying to juggle work, the kids and the housework is a nightmare.”

If you’ve answered ‘yes’, then read on!

Stress and our Health

Whether it’s the boss at work or the prospect of a job interview, stressors come in many forms and whilst stress is not necessarily a bad thing, when extended over long periods, it can negatively impact on your psychological, emotional and physical health.

To be effective in your life, it is important to keep the stress response under control. Longer-term exposure to the causes of stress, in which resistance is built up, can leave you highly susceptible to health problems and burnout.

Managing Stress

Managing stress involves understanding both the short-term and longer-term stresses you experience so that you can anticipate stressful situations and learn to use the stress management techniques that are most appropriate for each situation.

Our stress management programmes will ensure that you understand what stress is, know the signs and reactions you have to it and learn to manage your stress using a mixture of strategies including:

  • Managing your thoughts to change how you think about stressful situation
  • Mastering mindfulness, meditation and physical relaxation
  • Managing your time to increase personal effectiveness
  • Managing your emotions using the highly prized emotional release tapping tool, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  • Managing downtime and ensuring quality sleep, exercise and nutrition is in place
  • Learning how to cope with change and build resilience

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