Meet Caroline

Caroline is owner at CC Consulting and specialises in the arena of Wellness at an Individual and Corporate level.

She has a strong background in psychology and over 20 years’ experience in the helping professions.

Utilising her qualifications, training and skills, Caroline inspires individuals and teams to continually progress towards optimal personal and professional wellbeing through her tailored wellness programs.

With a proven track record, she is perfectly equipped to help clients deal with stress and anxiety related issues, using leading edge emotional resolution and breakthrough techniques.

Caroline has both local and international coaching, consulting and training experience working with management and teams, in addition to working with individuals pursuing success goals and peak performance results.

Her qualifications include

Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology
Diploma of Professional Counselling
Advanced Certification in Emotional Freedom Techniques
Practitioner Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming
Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
Extended DISC Master Trainer Certification
Certification in DISC
Cambridge Certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults


“I had just received the honour of being invited as an expert guest speaker at a major industry event but I was horrified. I hated public speaking and had managed to avoid it for over 20 years, even though I was a Director in a small business. People tell you that you get over the nerves once you start but I knew that didn’t apply to me and I could even imagine the audience cringing while I suffered on stage.
I reached out for help and was recommended to Caroline Crosbie by a friend, who is a connector and leader in Perth. With only 6 weeks to sort myself out, I started my first tapping session with Caroline. I had no idea what tapping was but Caroline assured me that with practice, I would be able to stop my heartbeat from thumping in my head (amongst other tell-tale symptoms) when the day came. Like many things, you can find out about tapping yourself on the web. They show you the technique, but Caroline’s value lies in how she is able to help you target the practice in the right direction to peel back the layers so that you can help myself. After just 3 sessions in less than a month, I realised that I was now beginning to look forward to the event. When I was on stage, I was calm and collected and able to get my message across and was even quoted in the news. Caroline’s guidance and support has freed me to do something that was once impossible and the walls have tumbled down. ”
Lisa Seun, Director ACORPP
“I recently found myself in a bit of a slump, a ‘holding pattern’ so to speak, where I was lacking clarity with my general life direction and goals. I felt unfulfilled, restless, lacking in motivation and something was holding me back from reaching out for new challenges. I needed a re-boot and a plan to regain my energy, enthusiasm, focus and zest for life! A friend suggested I book some sessions with Caroline and this proved to be the turning- point I needed. Caroline gave me some essential tools strategies and a plan to help me move forward and begin to feel challenged, inspired, stimulated and happy. Her warmth, wisdom, professionalism and ongoing support in between my coaching sessions was amazing and I would so highly recommend her outstanding service.”
Sarah Lodge, Claremont. WA 6010.
“I have been having regular EFT sessions with Caroline for the last 3/4 months and I can say that it has improved my life by 100%. I have gone from having persistent anxiety issues, self-doubt and various health problems to having more energy than I have had in five years, a more positive outlook on the future and a higher self-esteem. I would highly recommend seeing Caroline to help you overcome whatever issues you may have.”
K.M., North Perth
“Thank you a lifetime Caroline! The lessons and exercises learned during our sessions not only helped me move through a challenging time in my life but most importantly gave me the skills to address any challenging situation that may arise in any area of my life going forward. In summary, a very enlightening, breakthrough experience I would recommend to anyone.”
Jane, Leederville
“Very professional, inspiring, thought provoking – just some of the comments made by our team after Caroline’s presentation. I can say that this was probably the most constructive presentation that we have had in over 20 years of sales meetings – I have no doubt that the team will learn from what they were shown and it will have a positive effect on their morale and enthusiasm for the job and that will lead to extra sales.”
Colin North, MD, IQ Supplies, UK
“5 out of 5 rating for overall satisfaction with the training experience. The learning process and training methodology was highly effective and the topics covered were very relevant. Plenty of exercises and repetition – very valuable!”
Dayna, Goldfields
“Thank you so much for such a terrific two days! Great tool, great facilitation, great fun! This course is a necessity for anyone who wants to get the most out of life.”
Helen Skeggs, Inova Advance
“Wonderful facilitator, lovely small learning group for training and great training facility. Caroline’s learning and teaching generosity was greatly appreciated.”
D.W., Perth
“Caroline Crosbie’s services were just what I needed in order to re-assess my values, my goals and where I was heading and to provide necessary coaching, support and down to earth advice. Caroline is very astute in reading people and knowing when to push, when to be brutally honest and when to judge how to confront certain issues.”
Y Warner, Perth
“I found the programme valuable. It enabled me to better understand self-sabotaging behaviours and equipped me with strategies to recognise and abandon destructive thoughts and beliefs. As a result short-term and long term goals were recognised and seem more achievable. I really valued Caroline’s caring and attentive manner and her insight and skill.”
Jody, Perth
“I feel as though I was in control of the direction of each of my sessions and the overall goals set, however Caroline was always there as a strong guidance and support throughout. The balance between driving the results and guidance was perfect for me. We were able to progress at the pace I needed to seek clarity at each step.”
Denise, Carlisle
“With Caroline’s direction, I have discovered what I truly want to achieve rather than what I thought I should be achieving. It has been a liberating experience for me and I am already looking forward to the next year’s coaching!”
Jan, Fremantle
“During a major transition in my life both professionally and personally, Caroline provided me with invaluable and very relevant support and expert coaching through a ten week program of guiding me through some very uncertain times. She gave me essential tools to overcome self-doubt as I gained insight to my reaction to things I couldn’t control and the confidence to see and master what I could. The time I spent with Caroline’s professional guidance was a major pivotal experience where I moved forward to get far more out of my life. I strongly recommend Caroline to help you to find your own potential and courage to tackle things you have dreaded facing but have always wanted to do, with increased confidence and enthusiasm.”
Linda Deutsch, Business Consulting, Project Management
“I was recommended to see Caroline Crosbie by friend and I’m so glad I did. I felt unhappy with a few areas of my life and knew that there were some things holding me back from feeling at ease with myself and discontent with the way my life was going. One of the things in particular was my weight; I felt heavy and weighed down – mentally as well as physically.
When I booked in for my first tapping session I had no idea what it would be like or how it would work but I trusted my friend who had seen Caroline previously and thought ‘what have I got to lose?’
The experience was not what I thought it might be like at all and the results were far further reaching than I ever dreamed they could be. Caroline was incredibly welcoming and quickly put me at my ease.”
Louise Kelly, Duncraig, WA 6023