Wellness Coaching for Effective Leaders

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Effective leaders take personal wellness seriously and are motivated to be the change they want to see in themselves and in their organisations. Does this sound like you?

Are you taking the necessary steps to achieving high-level wellness or are you subject to stress, burnout or symptoms of ‘dis-ease’, all of which are impacting your performance?

Getting to the right end of the Illness/Wellness Continuum is an ongoing process requiring education and support to effect positive growth, change and results.

Run over 12 x 1.5 hour sessions, this flexible coaching programme is designed for:

  • Busy business owners and leaders who struggle to feel energized and engaged on a day-to-day basis, who may be running on empty but who accept full responsibility for their current level of wellness
  • Those who recognise that when the ‘captain of the ship’ is happy and healthy and in a positive state of high-level wellness, it cannot but positively impact the whole
  • Leaders who are motivated to be the change they want to see in themselves and in their teams but who require and desire some encouragement and assistance to help get them on track
  • Those wishing to create an effective transformational toolbox to assist them on their leadership journey
The program outline includes:

  • Exploring and Assessing Needs
  • Taking Stock of Strengths
  • Co-creating a Personal Wellness
  • Charting the Course of Change
  • Providing Tools to help you Achieve your Goals
  • Supporting Ongoing Wellness through Accountability and Progress Monitoring

In a unique session format, Caroline offers a blend of proven methods, tools and techniques, including techniques from the emerging field of Energy Psychology, to help you achieve life-changing results.

In addition, you’ll receive:

  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Comprehensive handouts and work sheets
  • A 100% money back guarantee after the first session

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