Release Unwanted Emotions

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  • Do you ever find yourself in situations/relationships in which you attract the wrong kind of people and repeat patterns that don’t serve you?
  • Do certain people push your buttons and rub you up the wrong way?
  • Do you have a crippling fear of public speaking?
  • Is self-confidence/self-esteem holding you back from living a life that you so desire and deserve?
  • Do you feel worthy or deserving of living such a life?
  • How about anxiety? Is is stopping you from achieving your goals and getting ahead?
  • Do you suffer from chronic aches, pains or illness?

If so, just know that unwanted emotions can have a damaging effect on your immune system and physical health, not to mention your relationships and the results you’re getting in your life.

Here’s what Dr. Eric Robbins, M.D. has to say about stress and negative emotions:

“Stress and negative emotions aren’t in the head; they are stored in our bodies. People will unconsciously tense down on smooth and skeletal muscles to hold painful issues and traumas down in the body and prevent them from coming up to conscious awareness, and where stress and negative emotions are stored in our bodies, they block the flow of the body’s healing energy.”

As such, Energy Psychology techniques, used by healthcare and coaching professionals worldwide, are powerful methods that work with the body’s electromagnetic system to produce direct healing in the body’s cells, allowing for the creation of optimal health and wellness.

The mind-body connection has never been more understood as scientists discover the exact ways in which changes in our thoughts and feelings produce direct changes in our bodies at a cellular level, as moment to moment we turn genes on and off and flood our bodies with biochemicals in response to those very thoughts, promoting either dis-ease or healing, as the case may be.

Caroline is trained and highly experienced in the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), the most popular form of Energy Psychology, and can help you to help yourself.

Learn step-by-step how to bring some joy back into your life in practical hands-on Skype sessions that will revolutionize your world.

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