Are you thinking ‘birds and bees’ as you read the title of this month’s post?

Most probably.

Think again.

The facts of life that I’m going to share come by way of Pádraig Ó Tuama, facilitator, poet and theologian.

His facts pack a punch and smack of reality. Of life as it really is. They’ll bring you down to earth if you’re flying too high and in a weird and wonderful way will help keep your airborne.

Here’s hoping they land…

The Facts of Life

That you were born
and you will die.

That you will sometimes love enough
and sometimes not.

That you will lie
if only to yourself.

That you will get tired.

That you will learn most from the situations
you did not choose.

That there will be some things that move you
more than you can say.

That you will live
that you must be loved.

That you will avoid questions most urgently in need of
your attention.

That you began as the fusion of a sperm and an egg
of two people who once were strangers
and may well still be.

That life isn’t fair.
That life is sometimes good
and sometimes even better than good.
That life is often not so good.

That life is real
and if you survive it, well,
survive it well
with love
and art
and meaning given
where meaning is scarce.

That you will learn to live with regret.
That you will learn to live with respect.

That the structures that constrict you
may not be permanently constricting.

That you will probably be okay.

That you must accept change
before you die
but you will die anyway.

So you might as well live
and might as well love.
You might as well love.
You might as well love.

Till next month, dare to live courageously, knowing that courage comes from the heart…
And knowing this, you might as well love.

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