Standing in a queue the other day…a queue that was going nowhere fast…I had an instinctive urge to whip out my phone and go surfing.

But I caught myself and quickly substituted with a mindful body scan for tension instead.

No surprise…I found some.

Where this meta-awareness came from remains to be seen but I have a belief that the mindfulness practice I’ve adopted over the past 20 months has had positive ripple effects in many areas of my life, one of which is attention and focus.

It’s been a little over 4 weeks since I last posted ‘What’s bugging you?’ with a call to action.

The question I’m interested in pursuing now is…were you called to action? Did you manage to sit still for 2 minutes of mindful breathing?

Big ask I know…but an even bigger one to sustain daily @12 minutes x 4 weeks (minimum effective dose).

What if I were to offer you some social proof in an attempt to influence you some more by mentioning that Amishi Jha, a professor of psychology at Miami University (and passionate about researching attention, working memory and mindfulness, using a number of cognitive neuroscience techniques), came up with that exact dose after working with active-duty US Marines in preparation for their deployment to Iraq.

The Marines were willing to give it a shot to combat sky-rocketing, pre-deployment stress levels, as nothing was working for them and anxiety, depression and suicide, were on the up.

Jha’s goal was to help them perform and feel better under pre-deployment, when attention tanks and mood worsens.

Put simply…they found protective benefits from undergoing mindfulness training for the minimum dose period. She had provided them with the means to an extra bulletproof vest.

Interestingly enough, a group of resistant course participants were skeptical, didn’t practise and got worse over time. However, on their return…when tested, they did better than before deployment.

How could this be? It didn’t make sense. Jha was puzzled.

With further inquiry it was revealed that they’d reached out to the mindfulness trainer whilst in Iraq, wanting to learn the techniques, since the other groups, who’d practised prior, were sleeping better, not getting the shakes coming back from patrol and more.

Perhaps you too, like the resistant group, were skeptical and never gave my suggested call to action last month a fleeting thought.

Having read the above, are you perhaps now more curious to give it a go?

At least food for focused thought…a distraction proof vest in the making.

PS – Whenever you’re ready, work with me directly to see how you, and/or your team can benefit from diving deep into all things AIRBORNE, including bolstering peak mental states with mindfulness meditation.

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