Given the importance of today marking World Mental Health Day, I thought I’d share some promises I happened upon whilst walking through the reception of a guest house the other day.

The guests had been invited to post their personal promise to boost their mental wellbeing on a prominent noticeboard.

Here’s a sample of what I noticed…

  • I promise to take the time to listen to others
  • Less drinks
  • Smile more
  • Better sleep
  • Daily meditation
  • Exercise
  • Healthy eating, gym, outdoor sport
  • Learn to relax. Take a deep breath. Stop worrying & be positive. Smile – it’s not that bad
  • I will not take on more than I need to. I will focus on what’s important
  • Be kind

Did you know that if you were to apply Vilfredo Pareto’s 80:20 rule to the above, all you would have to do is to just choose two of these promises (the ones that are staring you in the eye right now), work on them a while (all the while knowing that it takes 66 days on average to change a habit) and you have the potential to boost how you feel by a whopping 80%.

Isn’t that interesting?

The first step with any change is awareness, in this case self-awareness.

So, go on…I dare you, just two will do.

Be kind to yourself.

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