Yesterday morning as I jogged up a hill, sympathetic nervous system in full symphony and with mouth wide open, I swallowed a fly.

It came out of nowhere and gagged me by surprise. As I continued huffing and puffing my way up the hill, now with mouth closed, I smiled.

Why? Because flies remind me of thoughts. They buzz around, momentarily grabbing our attention and then buzz off.

Some however, are pesky, refuse to leave and before we know it, are swallowed.

A thought, like a fly, is just a thought till its constant buzz becomes an idea. Over time, if swallowed hook, line and sinker, the ‘fly’ transforms into a belief, which in term defines who we are.

So, a thought such as ‘I was made redundant’ may quickly buzz into ‘I was made redundant because I’m not good at my job’, which when swallowed may sink to ‘I was made redundant because I’m not good enough and I’ll never get another job.’

Now if you were to ever have that thought and I were a fly on your wall, I’d suggest that that’s a sticky, pesky belief that will not be of service at all. Could it be possible that the position was make redundant and not you?


Moral of the story? Challenge those thoughts that fly in your face! Thoughts become things.

And while I have you here, remember that it’s R U OK Day and that words only account for roughly 7% of communication. So, if you ask someone if they are OK today, look for complete congruence between words, tonality and body language when they answer, especially if they give you a short ‘yep’ to the closed question.

If your instinct tells you they don’t line up, be a pesky fly and hang around and say something to the effect of…Jane, you say you’re OK but you don’t sound your normal, cheery self…

You’d be amazed at how the conversation might now unfold.

In the meantime, here’s to looking after your mental wellbeing. Remember, it all starts with a thought…

PS – Whenever you’re ready, work with me directly to see how you, and/or your team can benefit from exploring aspects of mental wellbeing, including aspects of stress, anxiety and depression.

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