Do you have a spare minute and a half up your sleeve today? Good…I’m glad.

You see I’m wondering if any of you set a goal at the start of the year to do some work on building and maintaining a relationship with a significant other in your life.

If you did, great. If not, that’s great too. Why? Because today’s the beginning of the rest of your life, and what a great day to start!

Dr John Gottman, co-founder of The Gottman Institute, was asked by a client how he could improve his marriage in 30 seconds. Checkout his pearler of a reply…only a minute and a half, remember?

But wait…before you do, if you have another spare 90 up your other sleeve, which I’m hoping you do, here’s an interesting little exercise to have a look at. It might be useful to do with that significant other in your life.

Step 1: Print off 2 copies of the following questions (compliments of Qantas inflight magazine*)
Step 2: Put on the kettle for your favourite brew and grab 2 pens
Step 3: Make yourselves comfortable
Step 4: Answer the questions for yourself and your partner
Step 5: See if you can guess what your partner wrote about you

As for what’s next? Well, you’re on your own from here!

  • What’s your greatest strength?
  • And your greatest weakness?
  • Who is your personal hero?
  • What virtue do you admire in others?
  • If you could do any other job, what would it be?
  • What’s your idea of absolute happiness?
  • What’s your most treasured possession?
  • What has been your greatest achievement?
  • What’s one thing about you that would surprise people?
  • What scares you?
  • Where would I find you at a party?
  • What’s your guilty pleasure?
  • What travel experience is on your bucket list?

* Jamie Lee Curtis was asked the above questions for QSPIRIT. If you were wondering what her most treasured possession is, it’s her mind. Now that’s something worthy of contemplation.

Healthy relationships are central to wellbeing. They require maintenance, so get cracking!

And if you’ve found the exercise useful, feel free to drop me an email to share any ‘aha’ moments or magical insights.

Till next month

Here’s to landing on the same page!


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