This month’s post will be as short and as sharp as a flu shot!

Professor Gary Martin, chief executive of the Australian Institute of Management WA, recently wrote of the likely rise of “sick-shaming” in our workplaces in the coming months.

Gone are the days when your colleagues will lend a sympathetic ear as you rock up to work looking the worse for wear with a battalion of bugs up your snotty sleeve.

They’re more likely to sneer at you and tell you that you should be at home.

Medical experts believe that we’re on the brink of another super flu season, given that 25,000 people have been hit by the virus over the summer months.

So, naturally the question of flu-jabs arises.

If you’re considering a shot into your non-dominant deltoid muscle, you might want to pay heed to the following…

First up, just know that the shot will only be effective if your body reacts to it by generating antibodies.

A sleep study in 2002 showed that participants who obtained 7-9 hours’ sleep in the week prior to getting the flu vaccine generated a powerful antibody reaction, signaling a healthy immune system.

Those who had their sleep restricted to 4 hours a night in the previous week produced less than 50% cent of the desired immune reaction.

The moral of the story?

If you want to milk your shot, sleep on it beforehand!

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